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Wednesday 20 September 2023

Love Park

Love Park Toronto Ontario.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address:  96 Queens Quay W
Date:  July 2023
Website:  www.waterfrontoronto.ca

  Love Park in Toronto opened in June 2023.  The park is focused around a large tree in a heart shaped pond.  It is tucked into the corner of business towers and condos at Queens Quay West and York Street.

LOVE Park As Former Gardiner Expressway Off Ramp Toronto.

    The park was built in an area that used to be an off ramp for the Gardiner Expressway.  For years the concrete pillars were all that remained of this ramp.
Love Park Pond Toronto Ontario

    The pond in the middle of the park is shaped like a heart except it has no pointy edges.  The heart in the park is best appreciated from above.  We hope one day to find ourselves high enough up in one of the buildings that surround the park in order to look down at the heart.

Love Park Toronto's Red Mosaic Seating.

     The red glass mosaic that curves around the edge of the pond is being called a "love seat" by the city.  It will give 165 meters of seating for people to enjoy the park.  The water in the pond is meant to be natural and uses no chlorine of other chemicals to filter the water.  When the pond first opened, people were concerned about the bright green water. 

Love Park Animal Sculptures.

     One feature of the park that may go unnoticed by some, is that there are nine bronze cast animal sculptures hidden around the grounds.  Don't worry, we won't spoil your fun and tell you exactly where each creature is hiding.  We have included photos of the animals below so you know what you are looking for.
Love Park Toronto Beaver Sculpture.
  A sculpture of a beaver sits on its own private island.
Love Park Toronto Fox Sculpture.

  A fox sculpture can be found next to one of the benches.

Love Park Toronto Rabbit Sculpture.

   A rabbit sculpture also likes to hang out near the benches.  It had better watch out for Mr. Fox.

Love Park Polar Bear Sculpture.

    A polar bear sculpture is supposedly based on Juno the polar bear from the Toronto Zoo.

Love Park Chipmunk Sculpture.

      A chipmunk sculpture is busy filling its cheeks with golden hearts.

Love Park Toronto Raccoon Sculpture.

    A raccoon sculpture wanders the park.

Toronto Love Park Raccoon Sculpture.

    Most Toronto residents should be familiar with the photo above.  A raccoon prowling around looking for trouble in the middle of the night. 

 Love Park Toronto Blue Jay Sculpture.

    A blue jay sculpture sits up in a trellis.  There are quite a few Blue Jay fans in Toronto.

Love Park Toronto Owl Sculpture.

    Another bird sculpture of an owl sits perched looking over the square.

Toronto Love Park Woodpecker Sculpture.

    The final sculpture is a woodpecker hunting for a meal in the concrete jungle.

Love Park Toronto Tree In The Sun.

      The sun shines through the buildings and falls on the big tree in the middle of the pond.  We suggest you also spend a little time enjoying what Love Park has to offer.  Love Toronto.  Love animals.  Love Park.

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Love Park

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