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Saturday 29 March 2014

Brady Bunch House

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Address: 11222 Dilling Street
Date: Feb 2014

Here's the story of a lovely house, that was home to three very lovely girls, and their mother.  It was also the home of a man called Brady and three boys of his own.  Oh, and let's not forget about Alice.  Some of you probably have a hunch we are talking about the house from The Brady Bunch.
This is the house that was used for the exterior shots of the Brady home.  The trees out front are a little taller, and the second floor window is missing.  After doing some research we discovered the reason why.  The Brady set had that long staircase going up from the living room, and this home had no second floor, so the show added the window before filming.  Instant second floor!
When we went to Los Angeles for the first time, we found out upon our return that from our hotel on Vineland Ave. we had been just a short walk away from the Brady house.  This time we made sure to stop by for a visit.  Carol, Mike, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, Cindy, Tiger and Alice don't live here any more, but we will always remember how this group somehow formed a family and became the Brady Bunch.

Map of Our World
Brady Bunch House

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Saturday 22 March 2014

55 Central Park West (Ghostbusters)

Okay. Who brought the dog?

Location: New York, New York, USA
Address: 55 Central Park West
Date: Sept 2007

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, then you just might live near 66th and Central Park West in Manhattan.  This is where the apartments of Dana Barrett and Louis Tully (The Gatekeeper and The Keymaster) are located.  Fans of the Ghostbusters movie should be able to recognize the distinctive awning over the front entrance.

Nobody steps on a church in my town.

There was no sign of any paranormal activity on the rooftop while we were there, but we did notice the church next door which was stepped on by the Stay Puft marshmallow man.  We also noticed that when Louis Tully (Rick Moranis) runs across the street and hops the wall into Central Park he is very close to his next destination.

Nice doogy, cute little pooch, maybe I got a milkbone.

One block up at 67th is the Tavern on the Green restaurant.  We did enjoy a nice dinner and afterwards we went outside and took a few pictures through the window.  The party inside seemed to pay us no mind.  We wonder if they would have cared if we were being attacked by a demonic gargoyle dog.

Map of Our World
55 Central Park West , Tavern On The Green

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Thursday 20 March 2014

Cathedral Mausoleum (Talking Bad)

Respect the Chemistry

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Address: 6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Date: Feb 2014
Website: www.hollywoodforever.com

Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television dramas of all time.  During its final season there was an after show where celebrities and cast members would discuss the episode they had just watched.  This show was called Talking Bad.  The final Breaking Bad episode was aired before fans and then the final Talking Bad installment took place at the Cathedral Mausoleum in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  Hollywood Forever is an unusual cemetery that often holds movie screenings and concerts on its grounds.

 Check out more about Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Map of Our World
Cathedral Mausoleum

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Wednesday 19 March 2014

Tom's Restaurant (Seinfeld)

I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner

Location: New York, New York, USA
Address: 2880 Broadway
Date: Dec 2008
Website: www.tomsrestaurant.net

Tom's Restaurant is best known as Monk's Cafe from Seinfeld.  It is just used for exterior shots so don't expect the inside to look like it does on TV.  They are also careful to never film the TOM'S part of the sign that surrounds the building.  We would expect that if the southbound facing side said more than just  RESTAURANT that it would never have become part of the show.   Fortunately it did, and now it is instantly recognizable to Seinfeld fans from around the world.

Seinfeld Restaurant

The restaurant is also the inspiration for Suzanne Vega's popular "Tom's Diner" song.  When in Manhattan pop by for a bite, or just stand across the street and exchange a few Seinfeld-isms with your friends.

Map of Our World
Tom's Restaurant

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Monday 17 March 2014



Location: Solvang, California, USA
Address: 610 E Highway 246
Date: Feb 2014
Website: www.ostrichlandusa.com

Located just off the highway as you head towards Solvang is a place called Ostrichland which gives you an opportunity to get up close and feed the largest bird in the world.  If you buy some ostrich food you are given a dog bowl filled with feed and screwed onto a dustpan.  Then you are sent on your way to where the birds eagerly await.  Once you stick your bowl within reach of the fence, it doesn't take long for the birds to polish off all the feed inside.  Hold on tight as they repeatedly twist their long necks and slam their heads down to take a big bite.

That watch looks nice.

They also will do their best to take the bowl, dustpan and any remaining feed from you in one swift grab.  There are signs warning "Yes, We like to bite!" so we didn't get closer than a 4 foot neck.  Also be wary that there are always more birds around you looking to get in on the action.  Don't worry if you should drop some feed in the process.

Cheeky squirrel

While we were there the ground squirrels stretched their cheeks to the limit in order to carry away every last piece.  Don't let the ostriches rob you of all your feed as a little further along is another pen where the emus are awaiting their turn.  A great souvenir from the gift shop is an ostrich finger puppet.  Just be thankful you still have some to put inside.

Don't you forget about me.

Map of Our World

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Sunday 16 March 2014

Bronson Caves (aka The Batcave)

Bronson Caves

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Address: Canyon Dr., Griffith Park
Date: Feb 2014

"Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed."
"Roger. Ready to move out."

  Fans of the 60s TV show Batman will want to see this location when visiting Griffith Park.  It is located not on any road that leads to the Griffith Observatory but further (Adam) West on Canyon Road.  We parked in a gravel parking lot and then entered the trail heading south.  We did notice the sign warning that there were rattlesnakes in the area but we had no intention of running off into the bushes or turning over rocks.  We stayed on the dirt road that was wide enough to drive a truck full of camera gear or a Batmobile through.

Holy hole in a donut.

  Just a short way up the trail and there on the left we spotted it.  In fact we looked straight through it.  It was missing some vegetation and there was no little red and white road barrier, but we knew we had reached our destination.  The caves had been created by a quarry that operated in the early 1900's and since then many film and television productions have used the site.  None has done so quite as famously as the Batman television series.
Now how do we get back from here?  I believe it is about 14 miles to Gotham City.

The Batcave

Map of Our World
Bronson Caves

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Saturday 15 March 2014

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Forever Peacocks

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Address: 6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Date: Feb 2014
Website: www.hollywoodforever.com

Right in the middle of Hollywood is a cemetery that is worth visiting.  The beautifully maintained grounds are a great place for a relaxing stroll.  There are many famous people who have chosen this as their final resting place.  A few notables we visited were Don Adams of Get Smart fame, and Johnny Ramone of The Ramones, whose bust rises out of his gravestone to forever strum away.

Rock n Roll Grave Stone
Would You Believe...

 One grave we had planned to visit was that of Mel Blanc, best known for being just about every voice you hear in the Looney Tunes cartoons.  We had expected to find him in "The Garden of Legends" so we wandered around the pond checking each grave in hopes the next was his.  Eventually we gave in and asked a groundskeeper for assistance.  He did not know where to find Mel, but did let us know that the flower shop has maps available.  Off to the flower shop where just a quick look at a map and we were on to plot #34.

Garden Of Legends

This took us back to "The Garden of Legends" which was still looking lovely with the sun shining and geese swimming in the waters.  Some time passed and again it was back to the flower shop, where maps cost $5.00. G. Mel Blanc resides in plot #84 (you see how that happened?) and has a simple gravestone that states That's All Folks.

That's All Folks

 We also had to say goodbye to the peacocks and the palm trees and headed out the cemetery gates straight towards the Hollywood sign.

Hollywood Forever

Map of Our World
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Mel Blanc , Johnny Ramone , Don Adams

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