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Thursday 20 July 2023

World's Largest Nipper Statue

World's Largest Nipper Statue In Albany New York

Albany, New York, USA
Address:  991 Broadway
Date: June 2023
Website:  www.rca.com

  In 1898, Francis Barraud painted a picture of his dog Nipper curiously listening to a phonograph.  It has since become a famous logo for corporations such as RCA and HMV.  RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America and HMV stands for His Master's Voice.  His Master's Voice was the name of the painting.

His Master's Voice Oxford Street London England

  The front entrance of the HMV store on Oxford Street in London, England has Nipper pictured with a gramophone. When Barraud tried to sell his painting, the Gramophone Company was interested but only if the phonograph was changed to a gramophone.  Barraud painted another painting and this is the logo that you see today. HMV started using this logo in 1909.

World's Largest RCA Dog Statue Albany New York

      The world's largest Nipper has been sitting on top of a warehouse in Albany, New York since 1958.  He is made of fibreglass and steel and weighs about 4000 kg and stands almost 28 feet tall.  He has no gramophone, so he listens to the sounds of the city.

Giant Nipper On Albany New York Rooftop

   Nipper sits alone in an industrial part of town so he would be happy for you to come and pay him a visit. He is an interesting part of history and an interesting logo. What is Nipper listening to we wonder?

RCA Logos On A Compact Disc.

    You may already have something with Nipper on it in your CD and record collection. We took a look around and quickly found the old electric RCA logo as well as Nipper on this CD from Pop Will Eat Itself that was released in 1990. Nipper may already be in your home too. If not a trip to Albany, New York will get you the most Nipper that can be found in one place.

Map of Our World
World's Largest Nipper , His Master's Voice
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Tuesday 20 June 2023

Scarborough Town Centre's 50th Birthday

Scarborough Town Centre Since 1973

Location: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Address:  300 Borough Drive
Date:  June 2023
Website:  www.scarboroughtowncentre.com

  The Scarborough Town Centre opened in May 1973.  This year it is celebrating its 50th birthday and we took part in some of the festivities.

Scarborough Town Centre Areas.

   The Scarborough Town Centre is one of the biggest malls in the Toronto area.  Scarborough is made up of many different neighbourhoods as a sign in the mall once showed us.

 Scarborough Rapid Transit Leaving The Town Centre.

  The mall is accessible from the Scarborough RT line. Since 1985 the Toronto Transit Commission has served the station at Scarborough Centre with its elevated Rapid Transit train.  There are plans for the RT line to be replaced at the end of 2023.

Scarborough Town Centre 1970s Advertisement.

     One of the highlights of the mall were the hot air balloons. These balloons would get a blast of heated air and rise up out of the fountains. When the hot air stopped, each balloon would drop again.  It would follow a guide wire and land back on its stand. The hot air would blast once more and again the balloons would rise up to the delight of children gathered near the fountains. In 2009 the balloons were removed due to a building code change. Most likely it was something to do with heating elements in a fountain surrounded by children. 

The Ballons Are Back At The Scarborough Town Centre.

     For the 50th birthday of the mall, they brought the balloons back.  They are now flying over the centre court.  
Scarborough Town Centre Balloons.
  The balloons no longer rise and fall, but maybe the mall will consider an electronic way of lifting and dropping them again. We can only hope.
Walk Among Worlds Nuit Blanche Scarborough

  This isn't the first time that centre court has been filled with works of art. During Nuit Blanche there were hundreds of inflatable world globes filling the space.

Chinese New Year At Scarborough Town Centre.

   During Chinese New Year the court was filled with ribbons and lanterns.

Why So Many Ties Scarborough Town Centre.

    Another time during Nuit Blanche there were hundreds of plastic bags on wires.  It was to represent the plastic polution often caused by mall shoppers.

Santa Claus Scarborough Town Centre.

     During November and December the centre court hosts Santa Claus. If he sees you taking his picture he will be sure to wave hello.

Scarborough Town Centre Entrance During Nuit Blanche.

    As the mall celebrates its 50th birthday we are reminded that the mall also celebrates people from Scarborough with its Scarborough Walk of Fame. The Walk of Fame is located on the lower level of the mall near Centre Court. Below are a few of our favourites, mostly from the music industry..

Maestro Fresh Wes Scarborough Walk Of Fame.

    Wes Williams (aka Maestro Fresh Wes) received his star in 2006.  His song "Let Your Backbone Slide" is arguably one of the greatest rap songs ever written. 

 Kardinal Offishall Scarborough Walk Of Fame.

    Another rapper on the Walk of Fame is Kardinal Offishall.  He is best known for his track with Akon called "Dangerous".

Barenaked Ladies Scarborough Walk Of Fame.

    The Barenaked Ladies have a star of the Scarborough Walk of Fame. Their biggest hits include "If I Had $1,000,000" and "One Week". The star only includes the members of the band in 2013 when they were inducted. It is missing Steven Page who was a big part of their most popular years.

Gowan Scarborough Walk of Fame.

    Singer Gowan is best known for his hits "Strange Animal" and "A Criminal Mind".  He is currently the lead singer for the band Styx.

Monika Schnarre Scarborough Walk Of Fame.

    Monika Schnarre also has a star on the Walk Of Fame. She is best known for being a supermodel.  

Balloon Macarons Scarborough Town Centre 50th Birthday.
     The Scarborough Town Centre celebrates Scarborough and Scarborough celebrates 50 years of the shopping centre. We keep hoping that the ballons will rise and fall again at the mall. Until then we will look up at a balloon, eat a macaron and hope it happens soon.

Map of Our World
Scarborough Town Centre

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Saturday 20 May 2023

Lake George

Lake George New York State
Location: Lake George, New York, USA
Address:  2 Canada Street
Date:  September 2010
Website:  tikiresort.com

  Lake George is located in the northern part of New York state. It is located beside the Adirondack Mountains. The area is a popular tourist destination to enjoy the mountains and steamboat rides on the lake. After falling in love with Maui, Hawaii, we visited Lake George for the Polynesian dinner show. If you can't make it to Hawaii then you might want to head to Lake George in New York state and visit the Tiki Resort.

Polynesian Dinner Show At The Tiki Resort in Lake George.

   We enjoyed a dinner, a few drinks and the show. It featured Hawaiian dancers and drummers all the way from Schenectady.  One of us even got to participate. A few lucky dancers were chosen to shake their stuff based on the fruit shouted out by the band. "Coconut" to the right, "Pineapple" to the left and "Papaya" to the rear. By the time we were done we had danced up a fruit salad.

Lake George Mallard Duck

     We were only in Lake George for one night to catch the Tiki show. The next morning we decided to see what else was going on in town before heading to New York City. As we approached the waterfront this duck quacked out to us.
Minnie Ha Ha And The Mohican Steamboats At Lake George
  Across the water at the pier we could see the Mohican and Minnie Ha Ha steamboats getting ready to take tourists out for a relaxing trip around the lake. We hear that in the fall, the colours are lovely.

Uncle Sam Magic Forest Lake George

    As we headed out of Lake George, we were in for one last treat. We noticed a giant Uncle Sam in a parking lot. We pulled over and went to check him out. This Uncle Sam is 38 feet tall. He was designed for an Ohio restaurant called fittingly, Uncle Sam's. He then stood outside of the state fairgrounds in Danbury, Connecticut until coming to Lake George to stand in the parking lot of the Magic Forest amusement park.

Uncle Sam And Santa In The Magic Forest.

  Behind Uncle Sam we noticed someone else very special. It was Santa Claus! What more could you ask for in a town? A Tiki Resort and Santa are two of our favourite things.

Santa Claus Lake George

  Sadly, Uncle Sam has returned once again to Danbury and Santa has disappeared. The Tiki Resort is still doing shows so that is more than enough reason to spend a day in Lake George.  Coconut!!

Map of Our World
Tiki Resort , Minnie Ha Ha

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