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Monday 20 May 2024

De Waag Doesburg

De Waag Doesburg

Location: Doesburg, Netherlands
Address: Koepoortstraat 2-4
Date: May 2024
Website: waagdoesburg.nl

    De Waag means the weigh house. Across the Netherlands, these were large public buildings and they contained scales used to weigh goods. When goods came into town they would be weighed and taxes could also be imposed. These buildings were very common prior to there being an international standard for weights as different towns might use a different method of weight measurement. De Waag in Doesburg has been around since 1478 and the metric system was not around until about 1790.

De Waag Doesburg Giant Weighing Scale
    Inside De Waag one of the giant scales can still be found hanging from the roof.

De Waag Oerblond Hanzebier.

   De Waag in Doesburg also claims to have the distinction of being the oldest operating restaurant in the Netherlands. This is because the owner of the weigh house also had a monopoly on foreign beers and ran a pub from the same facility. We tried their De Waag Oerblond Hanzebier.

De Waag Tap Specials

  De Waag offers many beers on tap. They also offer what is known as Trappist beer. La Trappe in the Netherlands has been producing beer since 1884.  The beer is brewed under strict conditions. It is brewed on the grounds of a Trappist monastery either by or under the supervision of the monks that live there. The monks cannot profit from the beer production so any profits in excess of what they need is given to charities. The monks are monastic which means they are devoted fully to spiritual work.

De Waag Doesburg Interior.

   The high ceilings in the restaurant were once needed for the large weighing scales but now just enhance the interior. 
De Waag Doesburg Chandelier

    We enjoyed a nice meal sitting under one of the giant chandeliers. We did order a beet burger and received a beef burger, but we may have fared better if we ordered in Dutch.

Looking Down The Street From De Waag Doesburg.

   You don't have to know someone who was born there or briefly lived in the town to visit Doesburg. It is a nice little town in its own right and has been a city since 1237. While you are there you can eat at Netherland's oldest restaurant De Waag.

Map of Our World
De Waag Doesburg

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