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Paramount Studios (Backlot)

Here are some productions that we have confirmed were filmed on the Paramount Studios Backlot.
We visited them during our Paramount Studio Tour .
As we blog about them we will do our best to describe exactly where they were filmed. 

    •  Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) - Sal's Pizza (S1E9)

    • Everybody Hates Chris (TV)
    • Gap Commercial (Madonna and Missy Elliot)
    Greenwich Village

    Lower East Side

    Upper East Side


    Washington Square

    •  Frasier (TV) - The Crucible (S1E6)
    • Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull 
    • LG G5 Commercial (Jason Statham)
      Lucy Park

      Marathon Park

      Melrose Avenue
      • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
      Production Park

      Bronson Gates

      Financial District
      • Vanilla Sky
      Sound Stages
      • Dr. Phil (TV) - STAGE 29
      • Happy Days (TV)STAGE 19

      Click here for other filming locations we have visited from around the world.

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