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Animal Encounters -- Insects -- Spiders
  • Have eight legs.
  • Have fangs which can inject venom.
  • Most spiders can produce silk used to spin webs.
= Wild (11)    = Zoo (6)

Black Widow - Toronto Zoo Black Widow

Bold Jumping Spider - York Cemetery Bold Jumping Spider

Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula - Toronto Zoo Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

Crab Spider - North York Crab Spider

Daddy Longlegs - Parkwood Estate Daddy Longlegs (Harvestmen)

Giant Bird-Eating Spider - Toronto Zoo Giant Bird-Eating Spider

Gooty Sapphire - Toronto Zoo Gooty Sapphire

Grass Spider - North York Grass Spider

Green Bottle Blue Tarantula - Toronto Zoo Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

Green Long-Jawed Spider - Algonquin Park Green Long-Jawed Spider

Indian Ornamental Tree Spider - Toronto Zoo Indian Ornamental Tree Spider

Longlegged Sac Spider - Scarborough Longlegged Sac Spider

Orbweaver Spider - Riverdale Farm Orbweaver Spider

Pantropical Jumping Spider - Mavrovouni Pantropical Jumping Spider

Tan Jumping Spider - Scarborough Tan Jumping Spider

Thin-Legged Wolf Spider - Thornhill Thin-Legged Wolf Spider

Yellow Sac Spider - Scarborough Yellow Sac Spider

Desert Spider Desert Spider

Where: Uluru, Australia
When: May 2012

Please post in the comments if you can help identify this animal.

Animal Encounters -- Insects -- Spiders

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