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Sunday 20 January 2019

Super Dave King Of The Road

Corner of Westney Road & Concession 9 in Ajax Ontario

Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada 
Address: Westney Road & Concession Road 9
Date: Jan 2019
Website:  bobeinstein.com

   Since the passing of Bob Einstein we have been watching a lot of Super Dave clips online.  One of our favourites is when Super Dave plays piano on top of a bus to help get rid of profanity on the highway.   Knowing that the show filmed in Scarborough and Markham, Ontario we thought "We could find that place.  It couldn't be that hard?"  So we put a couch on our car and gave it a try.

Westney Road North of Ajax.

We noticed Westney Road on a sign behind Super Dave when he and Fuji arrive after being introduced by Mike Walden.

Stop Sign on Westney Road at Concession 9 Ajax Ontario

  In this picture you can see the stop sign where Super Dave's tour bus was parked.  The tour bus is parked facing oncoming traffic and headed north. The idea is that Super Dave is going to go on a week long tour singing songs from the top of the bus.  He has everything he needs.  On the roof of the bus is some patio furniture, a barbeque an exercise bike and a piano.

Pond on Westney Road Ajax Ontario

  Super straps himself onto his piano bench and asks Fuji to put on his favourite song.  That song is Roger Miller's King Of The Road.  It isn't long before we see the bus drive past the pond in the photo above.

"Trailer For Sale Or Rent. Rooms To Let Fifty Cents."

Westney Road Ajax Ontario

  The bus heads up the road and Super Dave is really enjoying himself singing along.  He is having sensational fun.

"I'm A Man Of Means. By No Means, King Of The Road."

Super Dave King Of The Road Bridge

  Now no matter how many times Super Dave gets hurt doing something, we still find it incredibly funny.  Westney Road goes under a train bridge.  Super Dave's bus is just tall enough to make it.  Unfortunately someone singing and playing piano on top of that bus won't fit through the tunnel.  A sign on the bridge states that it is 3.4 metres tall.  That is about 11 foot 2 inches.  A coach bus can be between 10 and 11 feet high or even more.  You do the math..

Super Dave Bridge from 1911

    Super Dave, his patio furniture, his barbeque, exercise bike and piano all get crushed against the bridge and fall into the road.  We know this is the right bridge as it has the 1911 date on it like in the video.  It is also a safe bet that this is one of, if not the oldest bridge in the area.

Westney Road Bridge from 1911 Facing South

  We also determined that Super Dave was travelling north when he hit the bridge as we checked both sides. The photo above is of the opposite side.  The deterioration of the bridge has continued but it is obvious to us that the south side is where the Super One collided.  There is also far too much graffiti inside the bridge and sadly none of it was even Super Dave related.

Super Dave On The Road Again.

  This last photo was taken while standing where Super Dave lay crushed in the road.  He clears a piano key out of his throat and changes his song to "On The Road Again".  Thanks for the ride Super, it was hilarious.

Map of Our World
King Of The Road

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