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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Jacka Bakery

Hand Made Biscuits And More At Jacka's

Location: Plymouth, England 
Address:  38 Southside Street
Date: Sept 2015
Website:  www.facebook.com/JackaBakery

  Jacka Bakery in Plymouth, England claims to be the oldest commercially working bakery in all of Great Britain.  It dates back to 1597 and has been baking since at least 1610.  That is over 400 years of history.

Would you like some Gin with your Pasty?

   Up the street from the bakery is the Plymouth Gin Distillery.  It is only half as old as the bakery and has operated since 1793.  It was formerly Black Friars Distillery.

Still Cookin' After All These Years.
 Original Oven At Jacka Bakery

  The bakery has seen many owner changes through the centuries.  It used to be the Fone's Bakery for many years.  One thing that has not changed is the brick oven at the back of the bakery.  Above are two photos of the oven.  The top one is from 2015 and the bottom one from 2007.  The oven is cast with this description.
Bricklayer & Oven Builder
Bennets Row Blackfriers Road 

Fish & Chips & Baked Goods On The Barbican.

  Next door to Jacka Bakery is Harbourside Fish & Chips where we also enjoyed a meal while visiting Plymouth.  At Jacka's we ate traditional Cornish pasties.   These baked pastries were filled with beef, potatoes, turnip and onions.  These days there are several variations available. 

Mayflower Arch.

  We also took home some biscuits to enjoy later.  It is rumoured that Jacka Bakery baked biscuits for the Pilgrim's voyage on the Mayflower in 1620.   The Mayflower set sail from Plymouth harbour just a short walk away from the bakery.   It took the Mayflower almost two months to complete her journey.  We hope Jacka's baked them a lot of biscuits.

Map of Our World
Jacka Bakery , Harbourside Fish & Chips
Plymouth Gin Distillery , Mayflower Steps

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Tuesday 30 June 2015

Tinside Lido

Tinside Lido.

Location: Plymouth, Devon, England
Address: Hoe Road
Date: Oct 2007
Website:  www.everyoneactive.com

   Tinside Lido is a sea water swimming pool located on the Plymouth Hoe.  The pool takes in water from the surrounding bay, some of which is pumped up into a fountain at the center.  It was built in 1935 and was closed for much needed renovations in 1992.  It re-opened a few years prior to our visit in 2007.  The lido had its Art Deco design fully restored, back to how it appeared when they held beauty contests there or bands performed overlooking the pool.  The word "lido" is used for an outdoor swimming pool and the area around it.  You may most often hear it used on cruise ships to represent the level with the pool.  "Please join us on the Lido Deck this morning at 10 AM for our aquarobics program."
  Tinside Lido is open during the summer months and many of the children from Plymouth have fond memories of  swimming here.  They would be able to look out into the sea, but be protected by the barrier the pool provided.  When we walked along The Hoe with a member of our English family, the pool was closed for the season.  Coincidentally, both our English family member and the Tinside Lido celebrate their 80th birthday this year.
Happy Birthday!

View Along Hoe Road above Tinside Lido.

Map of Our World
Tinside Lido

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