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Tuesday 20 January 2015

The Big Apple

The other Big Apple.

Location: Colborne, Ontario, Canada
Address: 262 Orchard Drive
Date: July 2004
Website:  www.thebigapple.ca

  Did we tell you that we were in The Big Apple last weekend?  You were in New York?  Well, no, but we are not lying.  Located about halfway between Toronto and Kingston, Ontario is a giant apple that you can actually go inside.  You can then climb the stairs and look out from the observation deck at the top.  It is a good spot for a break when driving along Highway 401.  It is also a good spot to pick up some apple pie or bread, freshly baked on site. There is a small petting zoo, games like mini golf or shuffleboard, and other food and candy.
  We stopped to climb the apple as we can not resist these things.  It is the world's biggest apple after all.  While it is not quite as big as New York City, it is definitely the biggest apple that we have seen.  You can't miss it when driving by on the highway.  So stop and take a break, and take some pictures too.  This is the sort of thing you should do while enjoying life on vacation.

Map of Our World
The Big Apple

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