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Tuesday 20 June 2017


Cruciferous Vegetable Town.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address:  12 Amelia Street
Date: March 2017
Website: www.famelia.com

  The area of Toronto known as Cabbagetown supposedly got its name many years ago.  Large groups of working class immigrants moved into the area and planted cabbage in their front yards.  We took the Carlton streetcar to Parliament Street and found ourselves right in the heart of Cabbagetown.  We didn't see rows of cabbage growing in front yards, but we did enjoy a nice walk

Corner Convenience.

  The first thing we encountered was a large mural on the corner convenience store.  It featured a man and a woman.  The woman had long curly hair which flowed up filling the wall behind her.  Behind the man was a cabbage patch.

Cabbage Coloured Building.

  Across the street we were reminded of cabbage once again by a building painted in green and purple.

Menagerie Pet Shop.

  Something else green caught our eye.  This time it was a giant iguana sitting on top of the Menagerie Pet Shop.  If you venture inside you will find a real iguana in the back corner of the store.  You will also find a variety of birds, fish and other reptiles.

You Look Very F'Amelia.

  Finally we reached our intended destination.  We were headed for brunch at F'Amelia Italian restaurant.

Cabbagetown Houses.

A little gnocci and panini later and we were back out on the street.  Across the road from the restaurant were some houses that we believe are from the 1800s.  Perhaps their front yards used to grow cabbage?

Flamingo Umbrellas.

  We headed back south towards Carlton Street.  It had been raining that day and the ground was still wet.  In one shop window we were delighted to see flamingo umbrellas.  The Queen of Hearts would be dissapointed that they did not appear to sell a matching croquet set.

Opposite Corner Convenience.

  It wasn't long untill we found ourselves back where we started.  We took one last look at the mural across the street and then waited to catch another streetcar.  The Cabbagetown section of Toronto is very proud of its history and the evidence is everywhere you look.

Map of Our World
Corner Convenience Mural , Cabbagetown Mural
Menagerie Pet Shop
Kendall & Co.

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