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Saturday 20 October 2018

Flying Over Greenland

Another Arrival At Keflavik Airport.

Location: Greenland
Date: Sept 2015
Website: visitgreenland.com

  As we parked our rental car and prepared to depart from Iceland, we noticed a strange sculpture outside Keflavik Airport.  It is called the Jet Nest and has a jet plane wing curled up and breaking out of an egg.  Just like a newly hatched chick entering the world.

I Feel Emotional Landscapes.

  As we waited for our plane to arrive at our gate we noticed a quote from Icelandic singer Bjork was written on the window. It states, "I feel emotional landscapes they puzzle me".

Greenland Is The Land Of Ice.

  As our flight flew over the Atlantic we started to notice large white objects in the water below.

Over The Ice.

  We soon realized that these were giant icebergs floating off the coast of Greenland.

Flying Over Greenland.

  We had never seen Greenland before and we felt like a newly emerged hatchling flying over this "emotional landscape".

Mountains And Snow.  Snow And Mountains.

  We were amazed by the never ending mountains and snow laid out before us.  Not very green we were thinking.  Over 80% of Greenland is covered by ice.

Erik Is Not Only A Murderer, He Is A Liar.

  The story of how Greenland got its name starts with Erik The Red exiled from Iceland for murder.  He set out in search of new land and reached what he called Greenland.  It is believed that he did this to attract other people to also settle there.  Only about 57,000 people live in Greenland.

Snow As Far As You Can See.
 The Snow Gives Way To More Mountains.

  Soon the snow gave way to mostly mountains.  We could see how some of the mountains had been formed by volcanic activity.

Volcanic Formation.

  It was not long before our plane left Greenland behind and we were flying over open ocean again.  We had enjoyed the aerial view of this amazing place, but were glad to have viewed it from our window seat instead of the harsh reality below.

Map of Our World
Jet Nest

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