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Tuesday 10 March 2015

Toronto's Little House

Just a little house.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 128 Day Ave.
Date: Sept 2014

  Wedged in between two normal sized homes is this little house in Toronto.  It seems out of place next to its neighbours.  At about 300 square feet it is one of the smallest homes around.  According to its website it is only 2.2m wide and 14.3m long.  It doesn't leave very much room to move around in, but it does have all the important things required from a modern home.
  • A place to eat and prepare food.
  • A place to sleep.
  • An escape from the elements.
  • Electricity and plumbing. 
A tiny domicile.

  We didn't see who currently lived there but they must not be claustrophobic, or very big.  The truck parked out front seemed equally as large as the home.  The story behind the house is that back in 1912 the city intended the land to be an alleyway.   They never finished the alleyway so the clever land owner decided to build on it.  There it has sat for over one hundred years like something out of a storybook.

A slender abode.

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The Little House

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