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Monday 30 March 2015

Shediac's Giant Lobster

Now where did I leave my giant seafood crackers?

Location: Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada
Address: 229 Main St.
Date: July 2006
Website:  www.shediac.ca

  The town of Shediac, New Brunswick calls itself the Lobster Capital of the World.  It does have a large lobster fishing industry and it also has one very large lobster.  Located on the main street, it is in fact the World's Largest Lobster.  The sculpture is about 35 feet long and 16 feet wide and was built in 1990.  The lobster is joined by a regular sized fisherman and, during our visit at least, several excited children.

I'm trapped in my traps.

  Right next to the lobster is the Tourist Information Centre and Gift Shop. Here you can plan the rest of your maritime visit as well as purchase some souvenirs.  There was also another fisherman sitting amongst some lobster traps and providing a great photo opportunity.

About 5 Great Blue Herons.

  Looking out over the water behind the giant lobster we spotted some great blue herons in the distance.  We also had to put some distance between us and Shediac as we were headed to Prince Edward Island next.  We came for the lobsters, both the delicious lobster rolls we enjoyed at the nearby Lobster Deck restaurant and to see the giant one that sits by the shore.

World's Largest Lobster.

Map of Our World
Shediac's Giant Lobster

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