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Sunday 5 April 2015

Teuscher Toronto

Teuscher Rabbit

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 55 Bloor St. West
Date: March 2015
Website:  www.teuschertoronto.com

  We were on our way to see a movie at the Manulife Centre when a window caught our eye.  It was filled with the cutest little bunnies and frogs.  It turns out they are designed to hold chocolate truffles, which made them even more appealing.   After our movie we decided to return and investigate further. (Translation:  Purchase and eat some chocolate.)
  Teuscher Chocolates originated in Switzerland and may have been one of the earliest creators of the champagne truffle.  They have been making chocolates for over 70 years now and all the chocolates are made in Zurich and then flown to their stores worldwide.  The location in the Manulife Centre is actually part of the William Ashley store.  They have many different characters to choose from including a bride and groom for that special day.  We chose one bunny and one frog and filled each of their bellies with a chocolate truffle.  The bunny is holding a little Easter basket and the frog is wearing a crown.  When the moment was right we opened the little boxes and each had a chocolate treat.  Delicious!   The best part is now the bunny and frog are waiting and ready for another truffle to be placed inside.

Teuscher Frog

Map of Our World
Teuscher Toronto

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