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Thursday 15 September 2016

Upside Down House

Something is not quite right here. I know. 15 dollars for parking??

Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Address: 4967 Clifton Hill
Date: Jan 2015
Website:  www.upsidedownhouseniagarafalls.ca

  Things are getting a bit topsy-turvy in Niagara Falls.  You could be forgiven for thinking that something is not quite right as you near the top of Clifton Hill.  We were headed to the Upside Down House where the floor is the ceiling and the ceiling is the floor.  The entire structure sits on its roof and you enter the home through a door that has been cut into its side.  No one uses the front door as it is up in the air on what is now the second floor. 

I Don't Believe It.

  Even before reaching the Upside Down House we encountered the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum which appears to have toppled over onto its side.  King Kong clings to the top of the tower which points the way to our final destination.  We finally reached the home, paid our admission and walked inside.

The Upside Down Kitchen.

  The first room we encountered was the kitchen.  We looked up and there above us were a fridge, a stove and a breakfast table all defying gravity.  Don't try to hide the cookie jar from little hands by putting it in the top cupboard.  The floor would be harder for them to reach.

The Upside Down Upside Down Kitchen.

  The photo above is what the house would look like if it had a normal kitchen.

The World Just Keeps On Turning.

  We hope you don't think we just took a bunch of pictures and flipped them around.  If you notice the cars outside in the parking lot in this hallway photo, you can see that this photo is right way up.  In the wider photo below you can see the ceiling that we walk on to move around the house.

Dancing On The Ceiling

  The best part of the Upside Down House is the trick photos you can take.

Upside Down Bathroom.
 Can someone pass me my towel please?

  The upper photo is of the bathroom as it really appeared. If you take a picture of someone's arms reaching for the ceiling and then flip it around, it looks like you are falling from above.

A Hand From Above.
Exit The Upside Down Bedroom.

  We had fun taking various pictures.  We found that if you take a picture of someone and they jump up in the air or bend over to touch the floor (aka the ceiling) you will get a great shot.  People with long hair should give it a flick to make it appear that gravity is taking effect.  Once you leave the Upside Down House you flip your photos upside down again and admire the results. ˙uoıʇɐɔɐʌ uo ɹǝʇʇǝq sı ǝɟıן 'uıɐbɐ ǝɔuO

Map of Our World
Upside Down House

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