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Sunday 30 September 2018

Nuit Blanche 2008 Revisited

Nuit Blanche Open For Business.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: Liberty Village
Date: Oct 2008
Website: nbto.com

  Nuit Blanche took over the streets of Toronto again this weekend.  During the event it is hard to tell what is art and what is not.  The "Open For Business" sign above could be art or just a clever sign that was discarded in the street.  We thought we would go back and revisit some of the exhibits from ten years ago when the all night arts festival was still in its infancy.  Here are a few highlights of what we experienced between dusk and dawn.

Euphemisms For The Intimate Enemy
Euphemisms For The Intimate Enemy

This exhibit is made up of 55-gallon drums with letters painted on their bottoms.  It was making some commentary on language that may become clear when the piece of art is explored more closely.

Future Perfect
Future Perfect Fog

In a haze of fog some storage containers sit in the dark.  People gather around to see what is going on.

Future Perfect Light

Then suddenly a glow of light emits from one of the containers and more smoke machine fog is released.

Imagine Peace
Imagine All The People Living For Today

Yoko Ono started the Imagine Peace project based on her husband John Lennon's Imagine song.

Imagine Peace Wish Tree

The exhibit includes a tree where guests can tie one of their wishes.  After the event the wishes were all said to be taken to the Imagine Peace tower in Iceland.  Who knows how many will come true?

SMASH! Dropping Stuff
Hmmmm Drop!

The next project was called SMASH!  The whole purpose was to get some stuff and then drop that stuff and watch it smash.  The pile of smashed stuff was growing as the night crept on.  3...2...1...Drop!


Original Soundtrack
Now Where Did I Put The Universal Remote?

This project consisted of TVs all playing the menu screen of a different DVD.  The sound was all mixed together and would evolve and change as the menus loop through the night.  This exibit reminded us of a busy electronics department on a Saturday afternoon.

Original Soundtrack Window.

When we turned away from the television screens we liked the way the light was coming in through this window.  We left the wall of sound behind and ventured outside to see what was causing this glow.

Over Flow
We Will Fix That Leaky Faucet Later Tonight Is Nuit Blanche

The glow appeared to be coming from this building which for tonight only included a waterfall coming out of an upper floor window.  This seemed like something we wouldn't mind seeing permanently.


This next piece was untitled and like most of the things listed here is open to interpretation.  On any given day you may be surprised but what you see walking around the city.  When Nuit Blanche is in town, surprise is always expected.

Map of Our World
Nuit Blanche Liberty Village
Nuit Blanche Liberty Village

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