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Animal Encounters -- Insects
  • This section is for invertebrates that live mainly on land.
= Wild  (95)   = Zoo (45)    Over 135 types.




Snails & Slugs



African Giant Millipede - Balule Nature Reserve African Giant Millipede

American Cockroach - Toronto Zoo American Cockroach

Annam Walking Stick - ROM Annam Walking Stick

Asian Lady Beetle - North York Asian Lady Beetle

Atlas Beetle - Toronto Zoo Atlas Beetle

Bald-Faced Hornet - York Cemetery Bald-Faced Hornet

Black Carpenter Ant - Scarborough Black Carpenter Ant

Black Vine Weevil - Scarborough Black Vine Weevil

Black-Winged Damselfly - Evergreen Brickworks Black-Winged Damselfly (Ebony Jewelwing) [Male]

Black-Winged Damselfly - G. Ross Lord Park Black-Winged Damselfly (Ebony Jewelwing) [Female]

Blue Damselfly - Oakbank Pond Blue Damselfly

Blue Mud Wasp - Centre Island Blue Mud Wasp (Blue Mud Dauber)

Blue-Winged Wasp - Fathom Five National Marine Park Blue-Winged Wasp

Brazilian Giant Cockroach - Toronto Zoo Brazilian Giant Cockroach

Carpenter Bee - Centre Island Carpenter Bee

Carpet Beetle - North York Carpet Beetle

Silphidae Diamesus - Toronto Zoo Carrion Beetle (Silphidae Diamesus) [specimen]

Cave Cricket - Toronto Zoo Cave Cricket

Cicada - First Cemetery Of Athens Cicada

Clover Mite - Niagara Falls Clover Mite

Conica Planthopper - Thornhill Conica Planthopper

Crane Fly - Centre Island Crane Fly

Cuckoo Wasp - Decou House Cuckoo Wasp

Dead Leaf Mantis - Toronto Zoo Dead Leaf Mantis

Desert Hairy Scorpion - Toronto Zoo Desert Hairy Scorpion

Doodle Bug (Pill Bug) - Thornhill Doodle Bug (Pill Bug)

Dragon-Headed Katydid - Toronto Zoo Dragon-Headed Katydid

Drain Fly - North York Drain Fly

Drumming Katydid - East Point Park Drumming Katydid

Earthworm - Thornhill Earthworm

Earwig - Scarborough Earwig

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper - Toronto Zoo Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Eastern Yellowjacket - Scarborough Eastern Yellowjacket

Emperor Scorpion - Toronto Zoo Emperor Scorpion

Ferocious Water Bug - Toronto Zoo Ferocious Water Bug

Field Cricket - Thornhill Field Cricket

Firebug - Athens Firebug

Flesh Fly - Evergreen Brickworks Flesh Fly

Fourteen-Spotted Lady Beetle - York Cemetery Fourteen-Spotted Lady Beetle

Fruit Fly - Thornhill Fruit Fly

German Cockroach - Hauptbahnhof Station German Cockroach

Giant Centipede - Toronto Zoo Giant Centipede

Giant Pill Millipede - Tremisana Lodge Giant Pill Millipede

Green Aphid - Lee Lifeson Art Park Green Aphid

Green Bottle Fly - Jungle Cat World Green Bottle Fly

Greenhouse Millipede - Parkwood Estate Greenhouse Millipede

Green Shield Bug - Flowerpot Island Green Shield Bug

Hairy-Necked Tiger Beetle - Baie Sainte Marguerite Hairy-Necked Tiger Beetle

Honey Bee - R. L. Hearn Generating Station Honey Bee

Honey Bee - CNE Honey Bee

House Centipede - Scarborough House Centipede

Japanese Beetle - CNE Japanese Beetle

Large Armoured Darkling Beetle - Tremisana Lodge Large Armoured Darkling Beetle

MacLeay's Spectre - Toronto Zoo MacLeay's Spectre
Toronto Zoo
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach - ROM Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Malaysian Black Scorpion - Toronto Zoo Malaysian Black Scorpion

Malaysian Wood Nymph - Toronto Zoo Malaysian Wood Nymph

Mayfly - Centre Island Mayfly

Mealworm Beetle - Toronto Zoo Mealworm Beetle [Larvae]

Metallic Green Sweat Bee - Evergreen Brickworks Metallic Green Sweat Bee

Mound Building Termite - Tshukudu Game Reserve Mound Building Termite

Northern Paper Wasp - Scarborough Northern Paper Wasp

Orchid Mantis - Toronto Zoo Orchid Mantis

Pale Green Weevil - Scarborough Pale Green Weevil

Pavement Ant - York Cemetery Pavement Ant

Praying Mantis - Floravilla Ice Cream Factory Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis (Chinese) - Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens Praying Mantis (Chinese)

Red Soldier Beetle - North York Red Soldier Beetle

Staphylinidae Creophilus - Toronto Zoo Rove Beetle (Staphylinidae Creophilus) [specimen]

Sawyer Beetle - Algonquin Park Sawyer Beetle

Hybosoridae Phaeochrous - Toronto Zoo Scarab Beetle (Hybosoridae Phaeochrous) [specimen]

Scarab Beetle (Osmoderma Scabra) - Scarborough Scarab Beetle (Osmoderma Scabra)

Silverfish - North York Silverfish

Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle - North York Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle

Snow Flea - Algonquin Park Snow Flea (Springtail)
Winter In Algonquin
Snow Fly - Algonquin Park Snow Fly
Winter In Algonquin
Spotted Cucumber Beetle - York Cemetery Spotted Cucumber Beetle

Spotted Lanternfly - The High LIne Spotted Lanternfly

Sunburst Diving Beetle - Toronto Zoo Sunburst Diving Beetle

Thorny Devil Stick Insect - Toronto Zoo Thorny Devil Stick Insect

Two-Striped Grasshopper - Tadoussac Two-Striped Grasshopper

Vinegaroon - Toronto Zoo Vinegaroon

Water Strider - York Cemetery Water Strider

Western Conifer Seed Bug - Toronto Zoo Western Conifer Seed Bug

Whirligig Beetle - York Cemetery Whirligig Beetle

Woolly Aphid - Charles Sauriol Conservation Area Woolly Aphid

Fly On The Windshield Balboa Park Beetle

Where: San Diego, California, USA
When: June 2019

Please post in the comments if you can help identify this animal.

Fly On The Windshield Fly On The Windshield

Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
When: May 2017

Please post in the comments if you can help identify this animal.

Animal Encounters -- Insects

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