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Animal Encounters -- Birds -- Raptors
  • Have great hearing and eye-sight.
  • Have strong claws for capturing prey.
= Wild (22)    = Zoo (45)



African Fish Eagle -Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre African Fish Eagle

African Harrier Hawk -Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre African Harrier Hawk

African Pygmy Falcon - Franklin Park Zoo African Pygmy Falcon

American Kestrel - Toronto American Kestrel

American Kestrel - Wye Marsh American Kestrel

Black Breasted Buzzard - Universal Studios Augur Buzzard (Melanistic)

Bald Eagle - Colonel Samuel Smith Park Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle - Cuckolds Cove Bald Eagle [Eaglet]

Bald Eagle - Toronto Zoo Bald Eagle

Bateleur - Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Bateleur

Black Breasted Buzzard - Featherdale Wildlife Park Black-Breasted Buzzard

Black Kite - London Zoo Black Kite

Common Kestrel - Dartmoor National Park Common Kestrel

Cooper's Hawk - Scarborough Cooper's Hawk

Crowned Eagle - San Diego Zoo Crowned Eagle

Crowned Eagle - Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Crowned Eagle [Juvenille]

Eastern Osprey - Palm Cove Eastern Osprey

Gyrfalcon - Toronto Zoo Gyrfalcon

Harris's Hawk - Toronto Zoo Harris's Hawk

Laggar Falcon - Toronto Zoo Laggar Falcon

Lanner Falcon - Toronto Zoo Lanner Falcon

Martial Eagle - Kruger National Park Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle - Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Martial Eagle

Peregrine Falcon - Pacific Gateway Hotel Peregrine Falcon

Red-Shouldered Hawk - Balboa Park Red-Shouldered Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk - Riverdale Park East Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk - Wye Marsh Red-Tailed Hawk

Saker Falcon - Jungle Cat World Saker Falcon

Secretary Bird - San Diego Zoo Secretary Bird
San Diego Zoo - Toronto Zoo
Sharp-Shinned Hawk - York Cemetery Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Steller's Sea Eagle - Toronto Zoo Steller's Sea Eagle

Tawny Eagle - Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Tawny Eagle

Verreaux's Eagle -Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Verreaux's Eagle

Wahlberg's Eagle - Balule Nature Reserve Wahlberg's Eagle

Wahlberg's Eagle - Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Wahlberg's Eagle

Western Osprey - Ranney Gorge Western Osprey
Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge
Yellow-Billed Kite - Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Yellow-Billed Kite

Raptor In Nest Raptor in Nest

Where: Capilano Bridge, British Columbia, Canada
When: June 2005

Please post in the comments if you can help identify this animal.

Animal Encounters -- Birds -- Raptors

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