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Thursday 30 July 2015

The Naked Cowboy

Does anyone else find 7th ave a bit chilly today?

Location: Manhattan, New York, USA
Address: 7th Ave. & W 46th St.
Date: Dec 2008
Website:  www.nakedcowboy.com

  One person who can usually be found in Times Square every single day is The Naked Cowboy.  Fortunately, The Naked Cowboy is about as naked as that Elmo over there is sober.  The answer is "Not quite".  If you do happen to see a totally naked cowboy in Times Square, that is not the one we are talking about and it might be time to head in the other direction.  The real Naked Cowboy wears a white hat, white boots, white briefs and a guitar.  He has been appearing there for about 15 years now, even on cold winter days.  He also tends to attract quite a crowd when he does arrive.  According to his website he can be found in Times Square daily around lunchtime.  That is if he doesn't have any promotional engagements.  He has recorded several music albums and is in fairly high demand for public appearances.  If you live in New York City you can have him appear at your event for $1000.00 per hour.  Otherwise you can find him for free somewhere in the crowds at Times Square. 

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The Naked Cowboy

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