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Friday 20 November 2015

Afternoon Tea At The Empress Hotel

The Empress.

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Address: 721 Government St.  
Date: June 2005
Website: www.teaattheempress.com

  While in Victoria, BC we enjoyed a very fancy tea at the Empress Hotel.  Actually, a few days prior we ate in the harbour at a nearby Milestones restaurant and got a little too much sun.  Then we went on a whale watching tour in a zodiac boat and took on even more sun and wind.  By the day we arrived for tea we were more than a little bit sunburnt.

Victoria Harbour.

  As we walked up towards the entrance of the hotel, two leaning sequoia trees reached out to greet us.

Hello Sequoia.

  We were seated at a wooden table in the middle of their elegant tea room.  Tall, white columns stretched from the ceiling to the tapestries on the floor below.  A pianist played softly during the tea service.  Across the room the windows looked out towards the harbour.  Some light came in through the windows, but at least for now we were shielded from the full force of the sun.

Exclusive China Pattern Tea Cups.

  Our experience began with fresh strawberries served with whipped cream.  We were also served a glass of port each.

Three Tiers of Tea Time Treats.

  Next to arrive was a three-tier stand filled with treats.  There was a layer of sandwiches, a layer of desserts and of course a layer of scones and cream.  We do very much enjoy scones and clotted cream with our tea.  We each also received a pot of our chosen tea and an extra pot of hot water with which to refresh our tea.  The exclusive china pattern tea cups have been used since 1939 for the Royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

A Tea Time Tradition.

  Afternoon tea has been an Empress hotel tradition since 1908.  We have had tea all over the world, but this was one of our all time favourites.  We plan on making it a tradition every time we return to Victoria.

Map of Our World
Empress Hotel , Milestones Grill & Bar (Victoria, BC)

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