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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Bond In Motion (Part One)

My name is Bond...James Bond.

Location: London, England
Address: 45 Wellington Street
Date: Aug 2015
Website: www.londonfilmmuseum.com

  The London Film Museum at Covent Garden has been displaying the largest collection of James Bond movie vehicles ever assembled.  At the time of writing this post it has been extended until further notice.  It is also going to include vehicles from the latest Bond movie Spectre.  All of the items on display are originals used in filming.  When we were in London we could not pass up this opportunity as we have been enjoying the 007 movies our entire lives.   Below are some of the pictures we took during our visit.  We have presented them chronologically by film.  This is part one of two blog posts. ( Click here for Part Two. ) This post covers movies where Sean Connery, George Lazenby or Roger Moore play the role of James Bond.

Dr. No (1962)

From Russia with Love (1963)

Goldfinger (1964)
She's a Beauty. Phantom 337 isn't she?

James Bond plants a tracking device on this Rolls Royce which belongs to Goldfinger.  Odd Job shows James how he can decapitate a statue with his flying hat and crush a golf ball with his bare hands.  Then he drives Goldfinger away.  Goodbye, Mr. Bond.

Thunderball (1965)
Tow Sled.

One of the tow sleds used by Emilio Largo and his scuba diving army during the underwater battle scene.

You Only Live Twice (1967) 
Oh, she's a wonderful girl.  Very small, quite fast. Can do anything. Just your type.
Little Nellie got a hot reception. Four big shots made improper advances towards her. But she defended her honour with great success.

Little Nellie gets assembled from the parts kept in several cases.  Her weapons come in handy as Bond uses flame throwers,aerial mines and rockets to escape the pursuing helicopters.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
I suspect they´re trying to kill me.

Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo owns and drives this vehicle to help Bond escape after he is shot at in a phone booth.  The chase takes them onto a race track with a race in progress.  They finally make their escape as a snowstorm sweeps in and they take refuge in a barn.

Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
If you see a mad professor in a minibus just smile.

When Bond steals a Tectronics lunar buggy and breaks through a wall, he is pursued by several guards on these Honda ATCs.  He jumps out of the buggy and then he kicks one of the guards off his bike,steals it and drives away.

Relax you've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything.

After jumping off the bike, Bond gets into this mustang with Tiffany Case and has to elude police through the old Las Vegas strip.  He finally escapes by tipping the car up on 2 wheels and squeezing through a narrow alleyway.

Lower away. Bath-o-Sub to crane, lower away!

Bad guy Ernst Stavro Blofeld tries to escape in this sub by being lowered into the water by a crane. Bond uses the crane to swing the sub into the control room before the oil rig is ultimately blown to pieces.

Live and Let Die (1973)
What the F...?

Bond races this boat through the bayous of Louisiana and jumps it over Sheriff J.W. Pepper.  One of the boats chasing Bond goes straight into Sheriff Pepper's police car.  James' engine is hit by gunfire and he manages to bring the boat up on land again before switching vehicles.

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Can you swim?

After sending Jaws' car off a cliff and into a house, Bond escapes from a helicopter by entering the water where this car converts into a sub.  A quick missile shot straight up at the copter and he and Anya Amasova are alone at last.

How did you know about that? I saw the blueprints for this car two years ago.

It doesn't last for long as some divers using this scuba equipment attack the car.  Bond escapes by emitting a black cloud like an octopus and by dropping a mine.  He then drives out of the water and up onto a crowded beach to the dismay of the sunbathers.

You did want me to drop in.

James rides this Wetbike in order to reach Karl Stromberg's Atlantis sea fortress.

Moonraker (1979)
Drax's Special Car

This is a drawing of one of the cars that Bond and Holly Goodhead take in order to sneak in as pilots onto one of Hugo Drax's space shuttles.

For Your Eyes Only (1981)
I love a drive in the country don't you?

Bond escapes with Melina Havelock in this little yellow vehicle.  It tips over but they are helped to right it again by some friendly villagers.  The chase continues down a windy road.  Bond's vehicle mostly takes the off road shortcuts down the hill.  The chase ends with the bad guys stuck in a tree.

We have a visitor below.

This is a model of the Neptune sub that Bond and Melina use to retrieve the ATAC console from the wreckage of a ship.  They also win a battle with another submersible but no sooner do they reach the surface then Aristotle Kristatos steals the ATAC console from them.

Octopussy (1983)
Toro?  Sounds like a load of bull.

James reverses this jacket to switch from a brown tweed outfit into that of a colonel so he can sneak into an army base.

Fill'er up please.

The plane is disguised as the rear of a horse in a horse trailer.  The plane drives out and the wings unfold so Bond can escape.  He takes off and is pursued by a missile.  He flies through a hangar and turns just in time to make it out the back door before the missile explodes inside.  Running low on fuel, Bond manages to land and pull the plane up to a gas station.

Rupee!! Easy come, easy go.

After fighting off his attackers with the help of some street performers, Bond escapes in his taxi.  He throws out his backgammon winnings into the street and the crowds rush to collect it blocking the pursuing cab from passing.  Ultimately, they tear through a billboard and another drops down in its place hiding their exit.

Every good spy should have at least one gator sub.
 I hear that island is full of beautiful women.  No men allowed.  Hmmm, sexual discrimination. I'll definitely have to pay it a visit.

Bond uses this gator sub to sneak onto Octopussy's private island.

Never Say Never Again (1983) 

A View to a Kill (1985)
Follow That Parachute!

Bond commandeers a taxi and then proceeds to jump the car onto the roof of a bus.  He then smashes through a traffic barrier that takes the roof off of his car. Another collision then splits the car in half before Bond abandons it and jumps from the Pont Alexandre III bridge and onto a boat before landing into a wedding cake.  Congratulations.

Killing Tibbett was a mistake.

Bond jumps from a horse onto this Rolls Royce while trying to escape, only to find that it is being driven by May Day (Grace Jones) and that his friend Tibbett is dead in the back seat.

This is part one of two blog posts.  Click here for Part Two .

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London Film Museum

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