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Sunday 5 March 2017

Al Green Sculpture Park

They Have Landed.

Location: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Address: 77 Davisville Ave.
Date: June 2015
Website: carlbucher.com/werk

   Tucked in between Balliol Street and Davisville Avenue in Toronto is a small parkette known as the Al Green Sculpture Park.  Al Green was both a sculptor and a real estate developer.  It is fitting that the park is located just a little distance east of Yonge Street between several condo developments.  We believe that Al Green was responsible for both the buildings and the art.

A Man & His Guitar.
Homage To Higher Power.
People.  People Who Help People.

  A majority of the pieces were created by Al Green himself.  The piece above is called People Helping People and features two giant hands grasping each other.

The Chambermaid.

   There was also some work by Sorel Etrog such as Grande Odalisque (above).

We Come In Peace.

 The highlight of the park is a sculpture called The Landing. It features two red cartoonish alien creatures coming down to earth.  The creatures (maybe they are spaceships?) appear to be landing into a small pool. Whatever they are, we welcome them to planet Earth and know that because they look so cute they could never mean us any harm.

Meck Maack!

This location is near Davisville subway. Visit other Toronto TTC stations.

Map of Our World
Al Green Sculpture Park

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