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Wednesday 20 December 2017

Kringlewood Drive

Welcome To Kringlewood.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: Inglewood Drive
Date: Dec 2016

  For a number of years now, the residents of Inglewood Drive in Toronto have placed giant inflatable Santas on their front lawns.  It has become a Christmas tradition in the neighbourhood and more residents seem to take part each year.

Lots of Santa Clauses?

  We decided to take a drive and see this group of Santa ...Clauses?  We are not sure what the plural of Santa Claus should be as we usually only deal with one at a time.

Merry Christmas To All.

  Each Santa is close to 14 feet tall so they tower over you as you head down the snowy street.  We enjoyed seeing all of the Santas.  Despite the fact that they were all exactly the same product, we started to notice some differences.

Huggy Santa.

  This Santa Claus was bending over and reaching out as if he wanted to give you a hug.  Either that or his back had given out from standing in the front yard all day.  We think it was to give out hugs.

Santa & Frosty.

  This Santa had a snowman friend to keep him company. 

And To All A Good Night.

  This last Santa was already napping on the job and it wasn't even Christmas yet.  Santa can get his rest on Boxing Day and until then you can enjoy Inglewood Drive (aka Kringlewood).

Map of Our World
Kringlewood Drive

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