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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Simcoe Christmas Panorama

Simcoe Christmas Panorama

 Location: Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Address:  50 Bonnie Dr
Date: Dec 2017
Website:  www.simcoepanorama.ca

    About 60 years ago the town of Simcoe had a Santa Claus Parade which was rained out.  The organizers left the parade floats in the park.  The following year they decided that instead of the parade, they would leave the floats in the park for everyone to come and see them over the holiday season.

Christmas Lights Up The Park.

  Through the years the event has grown.  Now each December the whole park is covered in lights and filled with displays.

Christmas Lighthouse.

  Wellington Park has a small river that runs through it so the lights surround the river's edge.  There is even a small Christmas coloured lighthouse on the bend.

4 and 20 Blackbirds.  That's 24 Per Pie.

  Some of the floats featured rhymes such as "4 and 20 Blackbirds".

I'll Huff And I'll Puff And...Wait How Much Is The Rent?

  Or "Three Little Pigs".

Polar Bears.Nativity Scene.
Your'e A Mean One Mr Grinch.
Kevin!!  Merry Chirstmas.

  Still other floats featured polar bears, nativity scenes or holiday classics like The Grinch.  The Simcoe Firefighters Association sponsored a Minion filled float.

Santa's Reindeer.

  Santa Claus was everywhere around the park.  Santa was flying by in his sleigh pulled by his reindeer.

The Santa "Claus" Maria.

  Santa was out on a boat in the river.

I'll Be Back.  Next Christmas.

There was a glowing red eye Terminator Santa.

Move Over Jack.  Its Santa-In-The-Box.
 Christmas Moose.

  There was a Santa-In-The-Box on a float full of toys and a moose dressed in a Santa outfit.

Santa Is Beside Himself.

  Even the real Santa was there greeting children next to a giant Santa statue.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Gingerbread House.
 Christmas Tree Scene.
 It's So Much Colder In Simcoe Than Cape Town.
 Scrooge Is Visited By A Ghost.

  Around the park were little houses that you could look inside.  They were filled with candy, penguins, Christmas trees or even an old man in his pyjamas (aka Ebeneezer Scrooge).


  Across the road from the park were a few other creatures like this dragon (above).

Light In The Night.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  We appreciated all the work that went into setting up this display and see why many people make it a holiday tradition to give Simcoe a visit.  On a cold night walking around in the park, we also appreciated the booth selling hot beverages.  Soon we left the coloured lights behind and went off to enjoy the warmth of our nearby bed and breakfast accomodations.

Map of Our World
Simcoe Christmas Panorama

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Kringlewood Drive

Welcome To Kringlewood.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: Inglewood Drive
Date: Dec 2016

  For a number of years now, the residents of Inglewood Drive in Toronto have placed giant inflatable Santas on their front lawns.  It has become a Christmas tradition in the neighbourhood and more residents seem to take part each year.

Lots of Santa Clauses?

  We decided to take a drive and see this group of Santa ...Clauses?  We are not sure what the plural of Santa Claus should be as we usually only deal with one at a time.

Merry Christmas To All.

  Each Santa is close to 14 feet tall so they tower over you as you head down the snowy street.  We enjoyed seeing all of the Santas.  Despite the fact that they were all exactly the same product, we started to notice some differences.

Huggy Santa.

  This Santa Claus was bending over and reaching out as if he wanted to give you a hug.  Either that or his back had given out from standing in the front yard all day.  We think it was to give out hugs.

Santa & Frosty.

  This Santa had a snowman friend to keep him company. 

And To All A Good Night.

  This last Santa was already napping on the job and it wasn't even Christmas yet.  Santa can get his rest on Boxing Day and until then you can enjoy Inglewood Drive (aka Kringlewood).

Map of Our World
Kringlewood Drive

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Land of 1000 Delights

Mechanical Polar Bear.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 176 Yonge Street.
Date: Dec 2016
Website: www.saksfifthavenue.com

  Saks Fifth Avenue has taken over part of the Hudson's Bay store on Queen Street in Toronto.  This is because Hudson's Bay now owns Saks.  It also means that besides the popular Christmas windows at The Bay, we get more decorated windows along Yonge Street.  We visited the Saks windows in 2016. Welcome to the Land of 1000 Delights.

Ermine Security Guards.

  The first windows we encountered were not yet part of the Land of 1000 Delights.  The first window featured a polar bear who was running like the mechanism of a clock. The second contained a group of ermine.  An ermine is a stoat in its winter coat.  A stoat is a type of weasel.   The animals looked as if they had been hired to guard the purses in the displays.  It is not uncommon for there to be a $4000 price tag on a purse at Saks so the store could be testing out new security measures.

And now finally, the Land of 1000 Delights.

Lollipop Lollipop Oh lolly lolly lolly.

  The first lady we encountered was Lady Lollipop.  She was covered from head to toe in swirly lollipops.  Many children sport a similar look when eating lollipops.  A few licks of the lollipop and ...ooops!  Next thing you know you have a lollipop stuck to the edge of your Christmas dress.

Run run as fast as you can.  You can't catch me I'm Lebkuchen Woman.

  Up next was Baroness Lebkuchen.  Lebkuchen is a German baked good similar to gingerbread.  We have never knowingly tried lebkuchen, but now we will have to get our hands on some.  We were only at window number two and already getting hungry.

Countess De Limon is a-peel-ing.

Countess De Limon was the next lady arriving with zest.  She had slices of lemons, oranges and limes.  We suspect it was candied fruit all covered in sugary syrup.

Pass the Duchy on the left hand side.

  A deep purple display contained the Duchess De Chocolate.  This was definitely our style.  We imagined we were unwrapping some gold and purple foil covered, dark chocolates.

Crackers is Whackers.

  The Queen of The Christmas Crackers was ready to start things off with a bang.  We imagine her dress was entirely filled with bad jokes, paper crowns and if you were lucky, a fortune teller fish.  When she finally pulls her dress off expect to smell something burning and find little bits of paper and prizes everywhere.  Check the cranberry sauce just in case.

A sweet entrance.

  Mademoiselle Macaron was making a sweet entrance.  She had some of the tasty meringue and almond based treats along the edge of her dress.  Those macarons wouldn't last long if there wasn't a glass window between us.  Excusez-moi!

Princess Patty.

  Little Princess Peppermint was twirling and swirling in her window.  She had a dress made of traditional  red and white candy canes.
The Empress Impresses.

The highest royal titles are those of Emperor and Empress.  This next window contains Empress Gingerbread.  She ranks much higher than the Baroness, Duchess and even the Princess and Queen in the other windows.  We do enjoy gingerbread during the holidays, but as we mentioned before we have yet to try lebkuchen.

A Sweet Treat.

  The final window featured the Marchioness of Confections cutting a candy rug.  A Marchioness is the equivalent of a Marquess.  She ranks lower than a Duchess, but higher than a Countess.  She was covered in all sorts of sweet treats.  We enjoyed our walk through the Land of 1000 Delights.  Now get out of our way as we are headed to the lower level of The Bay where they have their candy department.

This location is near Queen subway. Visit other Toronto TTC stations.

Map of Our World
Saks Christmas Windows

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Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Triple Dog Dare

Has Anyone Seen Flick?

Location: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Address: 173 Niagara Street
Date: Jan 2016
Website: www.roadtripforralphie.com

   A Christmas Story is one of the greatest holiday movies ever made.  It is always playing somewhere on television during the holiday season.  One memorable scene is where a young boy named Flick gets his tongue stuck to a flagpole.  It was all the result of the sinister triple dog dare.

Stick My Tongue To That Stupid Pole? That's Dumb.

  The Victoria Public School in St. Catharines, Ontario is where they filmed all of the school scenes from the movie.  A group of children are out in the school yard where Schwartz has just double dared Flick to lick the flagpole.  The double dare soon becomes a double dog dare and from there, despite a breach of etiquette, it becomes a triple dog dare.

Doh Lee Me Come Bah!

  Flick licks the pole and of course his tongue sticks.  The bell rings and all the other children head back inside leaving poor Flick behind.  On a trip to Niagara Falls we visited this filming location.  The school was now being used as a women's shelter and homes had been built in the schoolyard.

Holy Cow It's The Fire Department.  Wow It's The Cops.

  One thing that had not changed since the movie was filmed in the early 1980s was the two houses that sit at the intersection of Gibson Place and Fitzgerald Street.  You can see these homes just behind Flick when the fire department and police arrive to help remove him from the pole.

Site of The Triple Dog Dare.

    That would place the flagpole somewhere near this house that was built on the old school property.  If you are a fan of A Christmas Story we think that you should visit this location.  We dare ya!

Map of Our World
Triple Dog Dare

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Bay's Enchanted Forest

Dancing Racoon.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 176 Yonge Street.
Date: Dec 2016
Website: www.hbcheritage.ca

  For many years the Christmas windows at The Bay on Queen Street showed the story of Santa and his elves preparing for the big day.  Now the animals have taken over.  This year the windows were changed and feature the animated animals of the Enchanted Forest.  As much as we enjoyed the previous display, we instantly fell in love with the new windows.  You can read about The Bay's previous Christmas windows here.

Fox Den.

  The first of the five windows in the display features a fox den.  Two mischievous racoons are hanging a feather down into the den to disturb the sleeping fox family.  On a video screen at the back of the display a moose walks through the woods.

Enchanted Forest Squirrel.
A Scurry of Squirrels Making Snowballs.

  The next window showed a group of squirrels rolling up some snowballs.  The intended targets appeared to be a group of ice skaters below.  A group of squirrels is called a scurry.  There was no worry about us being snowball pelted by squirrels, but one of us did almost get taken out by snow that slid off of The Bay store's awning.

A Buried Bear.

   The next window was our favourite.  It featured a bear who was covered in snow while little mice played all around him.  Behind the bear flickered the Northern Lights.

Enchanted Forest Bear.

  The bear looked back and forth while his little rodent friends tobogganed and snowboarded and enjoyed some winter fun.

A Snowmouse.

  These two mice had just finished building a snowmouse.

Snow Angel Mouse.

   This mouse was making a snow angel.  None of the mice seemed concerned that their winter hill contained a big brown bear.

Night time in the Enchanted Forest.
 Who is the cutest?

  The next window showcased night time in the Enchanted Forest.  Snowy owls flew across the sky backed by moonlight.  A mother owl opened her wings to reveal the babies hidden in her nest.

Canadian Army Geese.

  The last window showcases the Hudson Bay Company's Canadian roots.  An army of Canada Geese in snowshoes march together. 

Six Canada Geese A Laying.  Not sure what the seventh one is doing.

    After enjoying the displays we headed inside The Bay store.  We were happy to see that another group of wreath wearing Canada Geese had taken over a small section of the ladies wear department.
  One of us was also in New York City in December and while taking a bus tour saw a familiar sight.  The Lord & Taylor store in Manhattan has the exact same Enchanted Forest display this year.  Lord & Taylor is owned by The Hudson's Bay Company.  That means you have at least two cities you can visit in order to see this delightful holiday display.  We suspect that these happy woodland creatures will be making a return visit for many Christmases to come.

This location is near Queen subway. Visit other Toronto TTC stations.
Map of Our World
Christmas Windows At The Bay

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