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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Pier 39's Musical Stairs

Climb The Musical Stairs.

Location: San Francisco, California,USA
Address: Pier 39
Date: Feb 2014
Website: www.pier39.com

  Pier 39 in San Francisco has seals and stores and carnival rides and more.  Part of the more is a set of stairs designed by Remo Saraceni.  Remo also created the floor piano used in the Tom Hank’s movie Big. (You can read more about the Big piano here.)  The stairs follow a similar concept where the keys are activated by your feet.  The stairs are painted like the keys of a piano and as you walk up the notes get higher.  As you head back down the notes get lower.  If you practice a little bit you might even be able to work out something that resembles a tune.  Just be aware that a floor piano is much safer than jumping up and down stairs trying to hit the correct notes.  One wrong move and you may end up sliding all the way down to a low A flat.  You may want to get a few friends together and each pick one or two notes to play.  Also be aware that other people are just trying to use the stairs to get where they are going and may walk noisily through your masterpiece.  These musical stairs are far more interesting than your average set of steps.  We enjoyed doing a little people watching to see people's expressions when they take that very first step.  It was also fun to see the people who pretended they were not enjoying themselves as they musically scaled the stairs.

Map of Our World
Pier 39's Musical Stairs

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