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Sunday 10 September 2017

Roll On, Roll On Saskatchewan


Location: Whitewood, Saskatchewan, Canada
Address: Saskota Flyway
Date: October 2014
Website: http://www.tourismsaskatchewan.com

  When we told people we were going to drive from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Regina, Saskatchewan they all seemed to have the same response.  "That will be a boring drive".  After driving to Regina and back, we disagree with that statement.

A Different Angle Of Saskatchewan.

  Saskatchewan has a reputation for being flat.  While most of the province is quite flat, the Cypress Hills in the south west are higher than any point in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI or Ontario.  The photo above is a camera trick to make things look a little more "hilly".

Prairie Standouts. Lone Trees.

  Being flat makes everything else stand out.  We saw a certain beauty in the way the fields went on forever until a tree or a barn or a silo stood out against the horizon.

Barn & Silos.

  We saw lots of barns and silos.

More silos.

And more silos.

Three Barns.

And more barns.

Blue Sky In The Water.

  There was something beautiful about the colour of the fields and the colour of the sky.  Whenever there was water in a field beside the roadway it was a bright blue as it reflected the sky above.

Watering The Fields.

  In some spots it looked as if there was too much water and perhaps there had been some flooding.  We are not grain growing experts so possibly this was some farming technique?

Fields of Fire.

  Another farming technique that may be shocking to some travellers is the burning of straw.  It is not uncommon for farmers to burn extra straw in their fields after harvest.  This fire above looked pretty intense, but we trusted that they knew what they were doing.

Slow Saskatchewan Sunset.

  Another fire of sorts that we encountered was the setting of the sun as we drove westward towards Regina.  The sunset seemed to last for hours and the whole sky changed different shades of yellow, orange and red as the sun sunk ever so slowly beneath the horizon.

Good Morning Regina.

  The next morning we were treated to a sunrise that turned the sky shades of pink and purple.

Whitewood Grain Elevator.

  Some of the tallest things you will see as you drive across Saskatchewan are the grain elevators.  Almost ever town still has one whether it is in use or not.

Tower In A Field.

  We also noticed this tall tower.  It looked to us that at the top it may have a sprinkler system that sprayed over the crops.  Other possible uses for this tower might be to watch over the crops for pesky birds or to look westward and catch a glimpse of the Rockies.

Farm Equipment In The Field.

  Another thing we were not used to seeing is huge farming equipment working the fields.

Farm Equipment On The Road.

  Even more shocking was huge farming equipment coming towards us on the Trans-Canada Highway..

Golden Rolls Of Hay.

  We drove our return trip to Winnipeg past rolls of golden hay.  As we drove, we thought to ourselves that even though Saskatchewan may be flat, the experience really stands out.

Roll On Saskatchewan.

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