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Animal Encounters -- Birds
  • Warm blooded.
  • Have feathers and wings.
  • Breathe using lungs.
  • Lay eggs.
  • Have bills or beaks and only two legs.
= Wild (180+)    = Zoo (200+)    Over 350 types.

Abdim's Stork - London Zoo Abdim's Stork

African Darter - Zambezi River African Darter

African Jacana - Zambezi River African Jacana

African Openbill - Zambezi River African Openbill

African Spoonbill - Toronto Zoo African Spoonbill

American Crow - Twillingate American Crow

American Robin - High Park American Robin

American Woodcock - Leslie Spit American Woodcock
Leslie Spit
Arrow-Marked Babbler - Kruger National Park Arrow-Marked Babbler

Atlantic Puffin - Witless Bay Atlantic Puffin
Witless Bay
Australian Magpie - Port Fairy Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie - Cairns Tropical Zoo Australian Magpie

Bali Myna - Franklin Park Zoo Bali Myna

Baltimore Oriole - G Ross Lord Park Baltimore Oriole

Barn Swallow - Fort George Barn Swallow
Point Pelee National Park
Bearded Barbet - San Diego Zoo Safari Park Bearded Barbet

Bird Of Paradise - Central Park Zoo Bird Of Paradise

Black-Bellied Bustard - Kruger National Park Black-Bellied Bustard

Black-Capped Chickadee - Humber Bay Park East Black-Capped Chickadee

Black-Collared Barbet - A'Zambezi River Lodge Black-Collared Barbet

Black Crake - Toronto Zoo Black Crake

Black Guillemot - Witless Bay Black Guillemot
Witless Bay
Black-Headed Heron - Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Black-Headed Heron

Black-Headed Oriole - Tremisana Lodge Black-Headed Oriole

Black-Legged Kittiwake - Witless Bay Black-Legged Kittiwake
Witless Bay
Black-Necked Stork - Australia Zoo Black-Necked Stork (Jabiru)

Black Phoebe - San Francisco Zoo Black Phoebe

Blacksmith Lapwing - Tremisana Lodge Blacksmith Lapwing

Black-Throated Hummingbird - San Diego Zoo Safari Park Black-Throated Hummingbird

Black-Throated Laughing Thrush - Toronto Zoo Black-Throated Laughing Thrush

Blue-Bellied Roller - Toronto Zoo Blue-Bellied Roller

Blue-Crowned Motmot - Toronto Zoo Blue-Crowned Motmot

Blue-Faced Honeyeater - Toronto Zoo Blue-Faced Honeyeater

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher - Ward's Island Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

Blue Jay - High Park Blue Jay

Blue Waxbill - Victoria Falls Blue Waxbill

Boat-Tailed Grackle - Everglades Alligator Farm Boat-Tailed Grackle [Female]
Everglades Alligator Farm
Boat-Tailed Grackle - Miami Zoo Boat-Tailed Grackle [Male]

Bourbon Red Turkey - Churchill Island Heritage Farm Bourbon Red Turkey

Brandt's Cormorant - Monterey Bay Brandt's Cormorant
Monterey Bay
Brewer's Blackbird - Cliff House Brewer's Blackbird

Brown Creeper - Scarborough Brown Creeper

Brown-Headed Cowbird - Humber Bay Park East Brown-Headed Cowbird

Brown Thrasher - Jamaica Bay Brown Thrasher

Brush Turkey - Kuranda Brush Turkey

Bush Stone-Curlew - Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat Bush Stone-Curlew

Cabot's Tragopan - Toronto Zoo Cabot's Tragopan

California Quail - Kelowna California Quail

California Scrub Jay - Hearst Castle California Scrub Jay

California Towhee - Griffith Park Observatory California Towhee

Cape Robin Chat - Rosebank, Johannesburg Cape Robin Chat

Cape Weaver - South Africa Cape Weaver

Cassowary - Cairns Tropical Zoo Cassowary
Cairns Tropical Zoo
Cedar Waxwing - Evergreen Brickworks Cedar Waxwing

Chaco Chachalaca - Bird Kingdom Chaco Chachalaca

Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan - Bird Kingdom Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan

Chickens Chickens
Australorp -- Domestic Chicken -- Dominique Chicken -- Polish Chicken -- Red Junglefowl -- Silkie Chicken -- Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken
Chukar - New Brunswick Chukar

Clark's Nutcracker - Banff National Park Clark's Nutcracker
Cliff Swallow - RC Harris Water Treatment Plant Cliff Swallow
R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant
Cockatoos Cockatoos
Bare-Eyed Cockatoo -- Black Palm Cockatoo -- Galah -- Major Mitchell's Cockatoo -- Moluccan Cockatoo (Salmon-Crested Cockatoo) -- Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo -- Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo -- Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo
Collared Aracari - Bird Kingdom Collared Aracari

Common Grackle - Point Pelee Common Grackle

Common Loon - Humber Bay Park East Common Loon

Common Moorhen - Kensington Palace Common Moorhen

Common Murre (Common Guillemot) - Witless Bay Common Murre (Common Guillemot)
Witless Bay
Common Redpoll - Algonquin Park Common Redpoll

Common Tern- Lake Kerkini Common Tern

Congo Peafowl - San Diego Zoo Safari Park Congo Peafowl

Crested Seriema (Red-Legged Seriema) - Toronto Zoo Crested Seriema (Red-Legged Seriema)

Crested Tinamou - Toronto Zoo Crested Tinamou

Crested Wood Partridge - Toronto Zoo Crested Wood Partridge [Cock]

Crested Wood Partridge - Toronto Zoo Crested Wood Partridge [Hen]

Crowned Lapwing - Kruger National Park Crowned Lapwing

Currawong - Kangaroo Island Currawong

Dark-Capped Bulbul - Protea O.R. Tambo Dark-Capped Bulbul

Dark-Eyed Junco - Monterey Bay Dark-Eyed Junco [Brown]

Dark-Eyed Junco - St. John's Harbour Dark-Eyed Junco [Slate]

D'Arnaud's Barbet - Bird Kingdom D'Arnaud's Barbet

Demoiselle Crane - Assiniboine Zoo Demoiselle Crane

Double-Crested Cormorant - Cape Cod Double-Crested Cormorant

Great or Double-Crested Cormorant?
Double-Striped Thicknee - Toronto Zoo Double-Striped Thicknee

Ducks Ducks
African Yellow-Billed -- American Black -- American Pekin -- American Widgeon -- Ancona -- Argentine Ruddy Duck -- Barrow's Goldeneye -- Black Scoter -- Bufflehead -- Cape Shelduck -- Cinnamon Teal -- Common Goldeneye -- Common Merganser -- Crested -- Greater Scaup -- Harlequin -- Hooded Merganser -- Indian Runner -- Javan Whistling -- Khaki Campbell Calling -- King Eider -- Long-Tailed -- Mallard -- Mandarin -- Muscovy -- New Zealand Shoveller -- Northern Pintail -- Northern Shoveller -- Pacific Black -- Plumed Whistling -- Radjah Shelduck -- Red-Breasted Merganser -- Redhead -- Ring-Necked -- Wandering Whistling -- White-Faced Whistling -- Wood
Eastern Kingbird - Charles Sauriol Conservation Area Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Loggerhead Shrike - Toronto Zoo Eastern Loggerhead Shrike

Emu- Driving to Kangaroo Island Emu

Emu - Ostrichland Emu
Ostrichland - Alzu Petroport
Eurasian Magpie - Hampton Court Eurasian Magpie

European Starling - Toronto Zoo European Starling [Male]

European Starling - Riverdale PArk East European Starling [Female]

Fairy Bluebird - Toronto Zoo Fairy Bluebird

Fish Crow - Jamaica Bay Fish Crow

Flamingos Flamingos
American Flamingo (Caribbean Flamingo) -- Chilean Flamingo -- Greater Flamingo -- Lesser Flamingo
Canada -- Cape Barren -- Chinese Swan -- Egyptian -- Embden -- Greylag -- Lesser Snow -- Magpie -- Nene (Hawaiian ) -- Orinoco -- Swan -- Toulouse
Giant Wood Rail - Bird Kingdom Giant Wood Rail

Golden Breasted Starling - Toronto Zoo Golden Breasted Starling (Royal Starling)

Golden Pheasant - Far Enough Farm Golden Pheasant

Golden Plover - Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm Golden Plover

Goldfinch - Toronto Zoo Goldfinch [Female]

Goldfinch - Toronto Zoo Goldfinch [Male]

Gouldian Finch - Franklin Park Zoo Gouldian Finch [Black Head]

Gouldian Finch - Franklin Park Zoo Gouldian Finch {Red Head]

Great Argus Pheasant - Bird Kingdom Great Argus Pheasant

Great Blue Turaco - San Diego Zoo Safari Park Great Blue Turaco

Great Cormorant - Little Venice Great Cormorant

Great or Double-Crested Cormorant?
Great Crested Flycatcher - Charles Sauriol Conservation Area Great Crested Flycatcher

Greater Striped Swallow - Alzu Petroport Greater Striped Swallow
Alzu Petroport
Green Aracari - Toronto Zoo Green Aracari

Green-Backed Trogon - Buffalo Zoo Green-Backed Trogon

Green Peafowl - London Zoo Green Peafowl

Green Wood Hoopoe - A'Zambezi River Lodge Green Wood Hoopoe

Grey Catbird - Toronto Zoo Grey Catbird

Grey Crowned Crane - Toronto Zoo Grey Crowned Crane

Grey Francolin - Maui Grey Francolin

Grey Go-Away Bird - Rosebank, Johannesburg Grey Go-Away Bird (Grey Lourie)

Grey Jay - Algonquin Park Grey Jay (Whisky Jack)

Bonaparte's -- Great Black-Backed -- Heerman's -- Herring -- Pacific --Ring-Billed -- Western
Hamerkop - Tremisana Lodge Hamerkop

Hamerkop - Toronto Zoo Hamerkop

Hawaiian Coot - Kealia Coastal Boardwalk Hawaiian Coot (Alae ke'oke'o)

Hawaiian Stilt - Kealia Coastal Boardwalk Hawaiian Stilt (Ae'o)

Helmeted Guineafowl - Tremisana Lodge Helmeted Guineafowl

Black-Crowned Night Heron -- Cattle Egret -- Goliath Heron -- Great Blue Heron -- Great Egret -- Grey Heron -- Intermediate Egret -- Little Egret -- Squacco Heron -- Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
Himalayan Monal - San Diego Zoo Safari Park Himalayan Monal [Cock]

Himalayan Monal - Buffalo Zoo Himalayan Monal [Hen]

Hooded Crow - Thessaloniki Hooded Crow

Hooded Oriole - San Francisco Zoo Hooded Oriole

Hornbills Hornbills
Abyssinian Ground Hornbill -- Black-Casqued Hornbill -- Great Hornbill (Concave-Casqued Hornbill) -- Knobbed Hornbill -- Red-Billed Hornbill -- Rhinoceros Hornbill -- Southern Ground Hornbill -- Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill -- Trumpeter Hornbill -- Von Der Decken's Hornbill -- White-Crested Hornbill -- Wrinkled Hornbill
Horned Grebe - Point Pelee Horned Grebe
Point Pelee National Park
Horned Puffin - Monterey Bay Aquarium Horned Puffin

House Finch - Hyatt Regency Maui House Finch

American White Ibis -- Australian White Ibis -- Glossy Ibis -- Hadeda Ibis -- Sacred Ibis -- Scarlet Ibis -- Southern Bald Ibis -- Waldrapp Ibis (Northern Bald Ibis) -- White-Faced Ibis
Indian Peafowl - Toronto Zoo Indian Peafowl [Peacock]
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Indian Peafowl - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Indian Peafowl [Peahen]
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Indian Peafowl - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Indian Peafowl [Peachick]

Indian Peafowl - Far Enough Farm Indian Peafowl [Silver Pied] [Peacock]

Indian Peafowl - Far Enough Farm Indian Peafowl [Silver Pied] [Peahen]

Japanese Quail - Far Enough Farm Japanese Quail

Japanese White Eye - Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm Japanese White Eye

Karoo Thrush - Rosebank, Johannesburg Karoo Thrush

Killdeer - Leslie Spit Killdeer

Kori Bustard - Kruger National Park Kori Bustard

Laughing Kookaburra - Koala Conservation Centre Laughing Kookaburra

Laughing Kookaburra - Toronto Zoo Laughing Kookaburra

Laysan Albatross - Monterey Bay Aquarium Laysan Albatross

Lilac-Breasted Roller - Kruger National Park Lilac-Breasted Roller

Little Pied Cormorant - Toronto Zoo Little Pied Cormorant

Magpie Lark - Melbourne Magpie Lark

Malayan Crested Fireback Pheasant - Toronto Zoo Malayan Crested Fireback Pheasant [Cock]

Malayan Crested Fireback Pheasant - Toronto Zoo Malayan Crested Fireback Pheasant [Hen]

Marabou Stork - Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Marabou Stork

Marabou Stork - Toronto Zoo Marabou Stork

Masked Lapwing - Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Masked Lapwing

Mocking Cliff Chat - Blyde River Canyon Mocking Cliff Chat

Myna - Lahaina Sugar Cane Train Myna
Swan Court
Noisy Miner - Sydney Botanical Gardens Noisy Miner

Northern Cardinal - Kula Botanical Garden Northern Cardinal [Male]

Northern Cardinal - Humber Bay Park Northern Cardinal [Female]

Northern Gannet - Witless Bay Northern Gannet
Witless Bay
Northern Rough-Winged Swallow - Point Pelee Northern Rough-Winged Swallow
Point Pelee National Park
Orange Bishop - Franklin Park ZooOrange Bishop

Ostrich - Ostrichland Ostrich [Rooster]
Ostrich - Ostrichland Ostrich [Hen & Chicks]
Barking Owl -- Barn Owl -- Barred Owl -- Burrowing Owl -- Eastern Screech Owl -- Eurasian Eagle Owl -- Great Grey Owl -- Great Horned Owl -- Lesser Sooty Owl -- Pueo (Hawaiian Owl) -- Snowy Owl -- Spectacled Owl-- Tawny Owl
Palawan Peacock Pheasant - Toronto Zoo Palawan Peacock Pheasant [Cock]

Palawan Peacock Pheasant - Toronto Zoo Palawan Peacock Pheasant [Hen]

African Grey Parrot -- Australian King Parrot -- Blue & Yellow Macaw -- Bourke's Parrot -- Budgerigar -- Cloncurry Parrot -- Cockatoos -- Crimson Rosella -- Double Yellow-Headed Amazon -- Eastern Rosella -- Eclectus Parrot -- Golden  Conure -- Green-Winged Macaw -- Hyacinth Macaw -- Kea -- Military Macaw -- Peach-Faced Lovebird -- Princess Parrot -- Rainbow Lorikeet -- Red-Masked Parakeet -- Ring-Necked Parakeet -- Scarlet-Chested Parrot (Splendid Parrot) -- Scarlet Macaw -- Sun Conure
Pekin Robin - Toronto Zo Pekin Robin

Pelagic Cormorant - Monterey Bay Pelagic Cormorant
Monterey Bay
Pelicans Pelicans
American White -- Australian -- Brown -- Dalmatian -- Great White -- Pink-Backed
African Black-Footed Penguin -- Chinstrap Penguin -- Fairy Penguin (Little Penguin) -- Gentoo Penguin -- Humboldt Penguin -- King Penguin --Rockhopper Penguin
Pied Avocet - Leeds Castle Pied Avocet

Pied-Billed Grebe - Algonquin Park Pied-Billed Grebe

Pied Crow - Tremisana Lodge Pied Crow

Pied Wagtail - Wells Cathedral Pied Wagtail

Pigeons & DovesPigeons & Doves
Blue Crowned Pigeon -- Crested Pigeon -- Emerald Dove -- Eurasian Collared Dove -- Faintail Pigeon -- Laughing Dove -- Luzon Bleeding Heart Dove -- Mourning Dove -- Nicobar Pigeon -- Pheasant Pigeon --Pied Imperial Pigeon -- Pigeon (Rock Dove) -- Spotted Dove -- Triangular Spotted Pigeon -- Victoria Crowned Pigeon -- Wonga Pigeon -- Wood Pigeon -- Zebra Dove
Pine Grosbeak - Algonquin Park Pine Grosbeak [Male]

Pine Grosbeak - Algonquin Park Pine Grosbeak [Female]

Piping Guan - Toronto Zoo Piping Guan

Plush Crested Jay - Toronto Zoo Plush Crested Jay

Purple Gallinule - Toronto Zoo Purple Gallinule

Purple Roller - San Diego Zoo Purple Roller (Rufous-Crowned Roller)

Purple Swamphen - Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat Purple Swamphen

Rainbow Bee Eater - Daintree Rainforest Rainbow Bee Eater

African Fish Eagle -- African Pygmy Falcon -- American Kestrel -- Andean Condor -- Augur Buzzard -- Bald Eagle -- Bateleur -- Black-Breasted Buzzard -- Black Kite -- California Condor -- Common Kestrel -- Crowned Eagle -- Eastern Osprey --  Gyrfalcon -- Harris's Hawk -- Laggar Falcon -- Lanner Falcon -- Owls -- Red-Shouldered Hawk -- Red-Tailed Hawk  -- Secretary Bird -- Steller's Sea Eagle -- Verreaux's Eagle -- Vultures -- Wahlberg's Eagle -- Western Osprey -- Yellow-Billed Kite
Raven - Churchill Raven

Raven - Toronto Zoo Raven

Razorbill - Witless Bay Razorbill
Witless Bay
Red-Billed Blue Magpie - Toronto Zoo Red-Billed Blue Magpie

Red-Billed Buffalo Weaver - Kruger National Park Red-Billed Buffalo Weaver

Red-Billed Oxpecker - Kruger National Park Red-Billed Oxpecker

Red-Billed Quelea - Tremisana Lodge Red-Billed Quelea

Red-Crested Cardinal - Hyatt Regency Maui Red-Crested Cardinal
Hyatt Regency Maui
Red-Crested Finch - Toronto Zoo Red-Crested Finch

Red-Eyed Vireo - Charles Sauriol Conservation Area Red-Eyed Vireo

Red-Necked Grebe - Humber Bay Park East Red-Necked Grebe

Red-Winged Blackbird - Point Pelee Red-Winged Blackbird [Female]

Red-Winged Blackbird - High Park Red-Winged Blackbird [Male]
Sundial Folly
Red-Winged Starling - A'Zambezi Lodge Red-Winged Starling

Reed Cormorant - Zambezi River Reed Cormorant

Ridley Bronze Turkey - Pioneer Village Ridley Bronze Turkey

Ring-Necked Pheasant - Toronto Zoo Ring-Necked Pheasant [Hen]

Ring-Necked Pheasant - Toronto Zoo Ring-Necked Pheasant [Cock]

Ring-Necked Pheasant - Haleakala Ring-Necked Pheasant

Rook - Stonehenge Rook

Roseate Spoonbill - Assiniboine Zoo Roseate Spoonbill

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak - Toronto Zoo Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Royal Palm Turkey - Far Enough Farm Royal Palm Turkey

Rusty Blackbird - Algonquin Park Rusty Blackbird

Saddle-Billed Stork - Miami Zoo Saddle-Billed Stork

Safron Finch - Bird Kingdom Safron Finch

Scarlet-Chested Sunbird - Tremisana Lodge Scarlet-Chested Sunbird

Shoebill Stork - San Diego Zoo Safari Park Shoebill Stork

Siamese Fireback - San Diego Zoo Siamese Fireback

Snow Bunting - Churchill Train Station Snow Bunting
Snowy-Headed Robin Chat - Buffalo Zoo Snowy-Headed Robin Chat

Southern Red Bishop - Protea O.R. Tambo Southern Red Bishop

Southern Screamer - San Diego Zoo Southern Screamer

Cape -- Chipping -- Grey-Headed -- House -- Java -- Rufous-Collared -- Song -- Tree -- White-Crowned -- White-Throated
Speckled Mousebird - Rosebank, SA Speckled Mousebird

Speckled Mousebird - Toronto Zoo Speckled Mousebird

Spotted Sandpiper - Twillingate Spotted Sandpiper

Spruce Grouse - Algonquin Park Spruce Grouse

Spur-Winged Plover - Toronto Zoo Spur-Winged Plover (Spur-Winged Lapwing)

Stanley Crane - Miami Zoo Stanley Crane (Blue Crane)

Sunbittern - Toronto Zoo Sunbittern

Superb Lyrebird - Three Sisters Superb Lyrebird

Superb Starling - Toronto Zoo Superb Starling

Black-Necked Swan -- Black Swan -- Mute Swan -- Trumpeter Swan -- Whooper Swan
Tanagers Tanagers
Blue Grey Tanager -- Opal Rumped Tanager -- Paradise Tanager -- Silver Beak Tanager -- Turquoise Tanager -- White-Lined Tanager
Tawny Frogmouth - Toronto Zoo Tawny Frogmouth

Temminck's Tragopan - Toronto Zoo Temminck's Tragopan

Toco Toucan - Leeds Castle Toco Toucan

Tree Swallow - Pelee Island Winery Tree Swallow
Point Pelee National Park
Tufted Puffin - Monterey Bay Aquarium Tufted Puffin

Village Weaver -Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Village Weaver

Violaceous Plantain Eater - Toronto Zoo Violaceous Plantain Eater (Violet Turaco)

American Black Vulture -- Andean Condor -- California Condor -- Cape Griffon Vulture -- Cinereous Vulture -- Hooded Vulture -- King Vulture -- Lappet-Faced Vulture -- Ruppell's Griffon Vulture -- Turkey Vulture -- White-Backed Vulture -- White-Headed Vulture
Wattled Crane - Toronto Zoo Wattled Crane

Wattled Jacana - Bird Kingdom Wattled Jacana

Western Rock Nuthatch - Delphi Western Rock Nuthatch
White-Bellied Sunbird - Tremisana Lodge White-Bellied Sunbird

White-Breasted Cormorant - Toronto Zoo White-Breasted Cormorant

White-Breasted Woodswallow - Featherdale Wildlife Park White-Breasted Woodswallow

White-Cheeked Turaco - Bird Kingdom White-Cheeked Turaco

White-Crested Laughing Thrush - Toronto Zoo White-Crested Laughing Thrush

White-Crowned Lapwing - A'Zambezi Lodge White-Crowned Lapwing

White Eye - Bird Kingdom White Eye

White-Throated Bee Eater - Toronto Zoo White-Throated Bee Eater

Wild Turkey - Point Pelee Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey - Assiniboine Park Zoo Wild Turkey

Willow Ptarmigan - Churchill Tundra Willow Ptarmigan
Downy -- Hairy -- Northern Flicker -- Pileated -- Red-Bellied
Woolly-Necked Stork - London Zoo Woolly-Necked Stork

Yellow-Billed Oxpecker - Kruger National Park Yellow-Billed Oxpecker

Yellow-Fronted Canary - Tremisana Lodge Yellow-Fronted Canary

Yellow-Throated Scrubwren - Three Sisters Yellow-Throated Scrubwren

Yellow-Vented Bulbul - Toronto Zoo Yellow-Vented Bulbul

Yellow Warbler - Toronto Zoo Yellow Warbler

Zebra Finch - Floral Showhouse Zebra Finch

Animal Encounters -- Birds

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